Since its establishment in 1977, GfS has been active in the development, manufacture and delivery of escape route protection and overall door technology. Extensive laws and regulations form the basis of technical questions regarding the security of emergency exits and escape routes. Even for the professional it is often difficult to make the right decision.

The video's provide answers on standards, legislation and technical questions about the emergency exit. Solutions, assembly and technical operation of the products are described on the basis of practical situations. The video's may also contribute to an interesting, easily understandable training or seminar on this subject.

GfS Exit Covers
GfS Exit Control 179 for Doorhandles

GfS Exit Control 1125 for panicbars
GfS Exit Control 179/1125 with wireless sender

GfS Exit Control179/1125 wired
GfS DEXCON for panicbars
GfS DEXCON for pushbars
GfS DEXCON for multi-rods
GfS DEXCON for all door types and windows
GfS Day Alarm
GfS Door Terminal