New projects

We have completed several fun projects in recent years.


GfS Day Alarm to biscuits factory

In the food industry, it is vitally important to keep all exits and windows closed at all times. The risk of pests in the production sector is absolutely unacceptable. The biggest problem was the own staff who were smoking outside (secretly) cigarettes. With a stone between the door remains open, however, mice, flies, bacteria and other animals have free access.


GfS Exit Control 179 to hospital

Here, the basic GfS Exit Control 179 is placed directly on various emergency doors to prevent patients from leaving the building by accident. The shortest route to the parking area is now also secured, which means that the visitors have to use the normal entrance and exit again.


GfS Exit Control (schwenk) to a secondary school

Here, the students always use the emergency exits as the shortest way in and out. As a result, the concierge has less overview and rear doors open unnoticed. This obviously has an increased risk of outbreak, burglary, fire, theft and truancy.


GfS e-Bars to the music palace in Utrecht

The music center Vredenburg in Utrecht, renamed the Muziekpaleis, will be radically rebuilt and expanded. In this way four new rooms are added, which are 'captured' in a large rectangular 'box'. The contribution of to this project concerns the realization of safely protected emergency exits and emergency exit doors. This can prevent unwanted visitors. In addition, the GfS e-Bar makes a distinction between common walking routes and escape routes.


GfS Exit Control 179 to student hotel

These students live here permanently and are not expected to leave the building in the evening. By using the GfS Exit Control 179 as door monitoring, no one can leave the building unnoticed or invite friends through the back door.


GfS Exit Control 179 with pre-alarm to a bank building in Belgium

In a bank building the highest demands are placed on security and safety, both are realized with the GfS Exit Control 179. The pre-alarm makes the abuser startled by the first touch and false alarm can be prevented. These GfS Exit Control 179 systems have been reported to the security and operated on batteries.


GfS Exit Cover type F. to a pharmaceutical company

All rotary doors have been fitted with rotary knob cylinders which are now protected with a protective cover. This has created a large visual and tangible barrier against abuse. Before someone will abuse the door, he / she must first remove the protective cover, which in practice appears to be a great protection.