Norm EN 13637


Electrical checking of emergency exits gives a number of extra options, such as:

- Signaling (door open, closed or closed)

- Video surveillance

- Time controlled lock (Locked door in empty building)

- Opening / release at distance (BMI)

- Delayed release of the door (Supervised monitoring)

Also, by using electromechanical components, a higher form of security can be realized by:

- A heavier holding power of the door

- Release via access control system on the lock

- Delayed release of the door

- Possibility to connect to a burglar

The door is unlocked in a de-energized state. (Fail Safe)

The relevant systems consist of at least:

- an electromagnet to close the door

- a GfS Door Terminal or GfS e-Bar

- an electrical control for the support of the electrical closing element and the escape route restraint system

Important are the conditions imposed by the fire brigade with regard to:

- Idle current principle (no voltage = unlock)

- Manual operation (green emergency switch)

- Central operation (unlock all doors at the same time)

- Automatic control (fire alarm = unlock)

Products to comply with this Norm are known as;

GfS Door Terminal