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KAC Door Release Call Points are suitable for use an emergency door release, as well as a wide range of other uses. With its unique ‘plug and play’ installation, this is efficiently quick to wire your security system into special terminal blocks. Designed for use indoors, it features open or closed contacts which are 30V rated.

Commonly used for overriding electronically-locked doors to provide access in an emergency to those without designated access. As a result of allowing people to exit via the fastest route, you could potentially save lives. Part of the KAC MCP range – with improved aesthetics and backwards compatibility – the door release call point is easily identifiable.

Supplied with a green backbox for surface mounting, the green call point comes complete with a glass element and a manual test key so you can check the operation of your system without breaking the glass.

Technical Specification

  • Unique ‘Plug & Play’ termination
  • Wide range of uses
  • Quick, visible alarm identification
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Supplied without a glass element, resetable
  • Test key, and back box
  • Cable Termination:  0.5-2.5mm2
  • Maximium Voltage:  30VDC 
  • Current Rating ( switch only): 2 Amps
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