GfS DEXCON for Push Bars with pre-alarm

Brands: GfS- Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik
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GfS DEXCON for Push Bars with pre-alarm

• Easy assembly
• Pre-alarm raises the barrier against abuse
• Alarm shutdown via system key
• Battery supply incl. Battery monitoring unit, no cables required
• Tamper protected by alarm switch in housing
• Optically and acoustically large barrier against abuse
• Wireless transmission is possible
• Perfectly applicable in existing and renovation construction
• Mounting possible via adhesive tape (without screws)

Delivery includes:
• 1 x GfS DEXCON with push beams
• 1 x Adjustable corner profile with safety cord
• 2 x Red top plates
• 1 x Magnetic foil
• 1 x 9 V block battery
• 2 x System key
• 1 x STOP sticker
• 7 x Screws for mounting

The GfS DEXCON for push bars is easy to install without E-installation but with 9V battery supply as a complete system. The system protects push bars and warns against unauthorized use with the STOP icon. The GfS DEXCON is mounted precisely over the pushbar with the adjustable angle profile. With a magnet and built-in reed door contact, there is a controlled status with position changes of the push bar. The system is equipped with a battery monitoring unit which activates at voltage below 8V for 10 days. a beep sounds, this is a standard function. The GfS DEXCON for push bars is equipped with a pre-alarm, this alarm will activate if the panic bar is touched slightly. The pre-alarm automatically stops as soon as the panic bar is released. If the panic bar is pushed through, the main alarm will activate an acoustic signal of 75dB/1m. sounds. The alarm can only be switched off by an authorized person using the system key. To reactivate the GfS DEXCON you must place the corner profile back on the system with a new red top plate. External power is also possible.

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