GfS Day Alarm 230V with build-in powersupply

Brands: GfS- Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik
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GfS Day Alarm 230V

• Easy installation on any door

• Versatile

• Door left open alarm

• Integration with central alarm system possible

• Battery control unit

• Automatic switch off

• External connection of key switch

Delivery includes

1x GfS Day Alarm

1x Power supply

2x Keys

In: 203 V ,50 Hz 17 W Out: 12 V, 600 mA

The GfS Day Alarm is an inexpensive and easy to install signalling system to monitor and control the closing of escape doors on escape routes and exits. The system is ready for operation and can be connected directly to the mains. Door position signalling is done via a wireless or wired magnetic contact and requires no additional installation. When using the escape door, an alarm (110dB/1m) is triggered, which can also be optically detected by the flashing light. The GfS Day Alarm can be installed at a distance of approx. 20 metres from the escape door. With the help of signal amplifiers greater distances can easily be reached. Authorised persons can use the door normally with the system key without activating the alarm.

If the door is forgotten after authorised use, an acoustic signal is generated after approx. 15 seconds of opening and the green LED flashes. As soon as the door is closed, the whistling signal stops and the red LED lights up. The door is immediately secured again. With the key switch the GfS Day Alarm can also be temporarily used by authorised persons. The status of the system can always be read from the red and green LED lights.