GfS Day Alarm LC, with 9V battery power

Brand:: GfS- Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik
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GfS Day Alarm LC, with 9V battery power

• Aluminum housing

• Built-in Profile cylinder interchangeable with existing locking plan

• Integrated LED lighting status red / green

• Integrated Alarm (100 dB / 1 m.)

• 9 V battery power supply

• Suitable for wired door reed contact

• Dimensions (W x H x D) 120 x 227 x 68 mm

Delivery includes

• 1x GfS Day Alarm

• 2 x System keys

• 9 V Block battery

This version of a Day Alarm works with a 9V battery. The functions as well as the operation correspond to those of the original GfS Day Alarm. After installation the green LED blinks once indicating that the GfS Day Alarm LC is deactivated (permanent opening). By turning the key in the integrated key switch clockwise and then reversing this action, the activation mode starts. After about 10 sec. the red LED indicates that the alarm is activated again. Opening and closing the door leads to a direct activation of the system. A single release is possible as well. The GfS Day Alarm LC works with a cabled reed contact which has to be ordered seperately.