GfS Exit Cover

The GfS Exit Covers are an inexpensive and easily installed solution, minimizing misuse of emergency exits while allowing endangered persons to escape. The reusable GfS Exit Covers work with patented red and green markings (green underplate and red upper plate) and a predetermined breaking-point. The GfS Exit Covers is made of unbreakable macrolon (plastic). It is mounted over the door handle or the security latch and inhibits the opening of the door. For an emergency opening of the door, the cover must be removed. The red upper plate breaks and the GfS Exit Covers falls off making it possible to use the door handle. The cover is replaced with new red upper plates and the door is secured again. This system offers you the advantage of lower follow-up costs (red upper plates are replaced instead of GfS Exit Covers), no injuries (since the cover stays intact) and less plastic refuse is incurred.

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