GfS Exit Control Z

Meet the GfS Exit Control Z. Your cost-saving solution for securing Emergency Exits

When it comes to protecting emergency exits, GfS Exit Control Z. is your reliable partner. 

Key Features of the GfS Exit Control Z.:

Instant Security: Our GfS Exit Control Z. is cleverly designed to be installed directly under the door handle, providing instant robust security for the door.

Easy Emergency Access: In the event of an emergency situation, our system allows quick and effortless door entry with just one hand movement striking the GfS Exit Control Z. sideways to release the door handle.

Alarm activation: When the GfS Exit Control Z. moves sideways the alarm is activated. A continuous audible alarm, indicating unauthorized entry alerts bystanders.

Simple reset: To return the door to its protective state, the GfS Exit Control Z. can be easily reset with the system key provided.

Authorized use: The GfS Exit control Z. can be switched to daytime mode with the system key to allow normal door use without triggering an alarm.

We differentiate between the GfS Exit control Z. for door handles in accordance with Elt Vtr and the GfS Exit Control 179/1125 in accordance with European Standards.

For glass doors with an aluminum profile, we recommend the use of mounting accessories (art. no. 901 470, 901 770, 901 670 or other).

For panic bars, we recommend using the GfS Exit Control 1125, GfS Exit Control MP or GfS DEXCON.

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