GfS e-Bar

The innovative GfS e-Bar combines the ability to open the emergency exit door in accordance with EN1125 with the potential to control the usage of the door. The GfS e Bar is not only a conventional push bar, but also a security barrier with a visual/acoustic alarm and escape route security light in one combined unit. With its highly visible LED display (red/green emergency Exit Alarm Secured) and its positioning at half height on the door, the emergency exit can be found easily even with a heavy smoke presence. The GfS e Bar can be retrofitted on existing doors and can be integrated into a central alarm system. The GfS e-Bar comes with either mains power or battery operation. It also incorporates additional features such as a “door left open” alarm, automatic alarm switch off and battery monitoring. Please note that the GfS e-Bar is used in conjunction with certified panic lock and locking plates. We are happy to supply these components.

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