GfS Door Terminal

Electronic emergency exit protection works on a quiescent current principle. The security components are adhesive magnet or electric opening element and control box (e.g. GfS Door Terminal or GfS FWS 02), an enabling element (e.g. GfS e-Bar, GfS Door Terminal or emergency switch) and, according to EN13637, a control element (door handle, panic bar etc.). During operation of the release element, the current to the lock is interrupted and the lock breaks. In certain situations, release is implemented via central control. The GfS Door Terminal (with integrated control box, alarm, strobe light and emergency switch) will be mounted near or even on the door. The maximum height will not exceed 1200mm. The recommended height is 850mm so that children and wheelchair users can also operate the emergency switch. The adhesive magnet will be mounted on or in the door frame, the counter plate will be attached to the door. The magnets should be mounted at least 2m in height. Adhesive magnets are very easy to install both in new construction and existing construction (surface mounting). It is not necessary to modify the current door. However, this does not apply to fire doors in the area of smoke compartmentation. According to the German building code, this can only be retrofitted to fire doors with the approval of the door manufacturer. In this case, a door closer with integrated locking element is a good solution.

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