GfS Dexcon windows & doors

The GfS DEXCON with door reed contact is easy to install on all windows and doors without E-installation but with battery power as a complete system. Door position signaling takes place through a magnetic contact on the door style and the frame. The STOP icon warns against unauthorized use. If the door is nevertheless opened, the main alarm will activate an acoustic signal of 75dB/1m. or 95dB/1m. sounds. The alarm can only be switched off by an authorized person using the system key. To reactivate the GfS DEXCON you must reset the system with the system key. A battery monitoring unit activates at a voltage below 7.5V and gives for 10 days. a beep, this is a standard function. External power is also possible.

Due to an integrated DIP switch you can adjust various settings on site such as; alarm volume, alarm duration, automatic reset, automatic shutdown or even silent alarm. There is also a connection option for external opening elements.

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