GfS Dexcon

Companies complain annually about billions of dollars in damage from theft and shrinkage. Unlocked and unsecured emergency exit doors are a welcome gap here. Therefore, these doors must be equipped with special door protection systems.

The GfS DEXCON is a cheap and efficient solution. The GfS DEXCON is a door monitoring device that was specially developed to secure escape doors and escape windows. It works with a reed contact and is mounted over the door or on top of the door leaf. Here the system sets a clearly visible braking threshold to protect against unauthorized opening of doors or windows. This is supported by an effective symbol called STOP. When an opening is made, a loud alarm sounds (95 dB / 1 m). The user can decide whether the alarm should be confirmed as authorized with the device key or should be switched off after 3 minutes. The GfS DEXCON has a variety of functions that open up a wide range of applications for the user. Since the GfS DEXCON can be installed quickly and easily and independently of the existing door fitting, it is particularly recommended for the retrofit zone. Installation on load-bearing push rods is also no problem with the GfS DEXCON. With the right accessories, the GfS DEXCON can be expanded to secure panicbars - GfS DEXCON for pushbars - and to attach push rods - GfS DEXCON for push rods.

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