GfS Day Alarm

The GfS Day Alarm is an inexpensive and easily installed signaling system to monitor and control the closure of escape doors on escape routes and at exits. The system is ready for operation with adapter and requires no additional installation. When the escape door is used, an alarm (100 dB/1m) is triggered, which can also be observed visually. The GfS Day Alarm can be mounted at a distance of approx. 30 meters from the door. With the help of signal amplifiers, larger distances can easily be reached. Authorized persons can simply pass through the door with the system key, without an alarm. A text sign "Emergency exit alarm protected" should indicate, that the escape door can only be used in case of emergency. The system is suitable for all emergency and escape doors. Door position signaling occurs through the use of a door reed contact, this can be standard wireless or simply wired. If the door is opened in secured condition, a flashing light comes into effect and an acoustic alarm sounds, which can only be switched off with the system key. In addition, it is possible to realize the functions individual release and free passage via this key switch. The system is connected to the mains with an adapter. The GfS door reed contact that works wirelessly contains a transmitter module at 868.3MHz and is powered by 3V battery. With the elegant aluminum housing, this system fits perfectly in public areas.

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