Decision diagram

Explanation of European standards

Since April 2003, there have been European Standards for mechanically operated emergency exits and panic closures. It is clear that a good organization around escape doors and applications of the right hinges and locks is required. Two standards make communication about the door closures to be applied easily, when applying the new NEN EN standards EN 179 and 1125.

This diagram aims to be an aid in the planning of your escape routes and facilities at doors. It is advisable to always exercise all due diligence in your building design and in the application of smoke and fire separations. Always involve the responsible legal authorities and respect EN EN 9 EN9 EN1125 standards.

When in doubt about emergency door or panic door, always use panic lock with horizontal panic bar; this diagram does not relieve you of a separate assessment of the prevailing local regulations and guidelines. If in doubt about the applicable standards, you should consult the prevention department at your local fire department.