About Us

Who we are: Nooduitgang.nl has been your supplier of GfS safety products for 15 years. Previously PMG Safety for Doors has changed its company into Nooduitgang.nl and continues with all activities around emergenxy exits. Nowadays our new company name is congruent with our internet presentation www.nooduitgang.nl. We import our safety products from Germany. The factory GfS (Gesellschaft fűr Sicherheitstechnik) is located in Hamburg. Founded in 1977, GfS has been the market leader in the field of 'escape route technology' for many years. We serve the whole of Europe with partners in more than 27 different countries. Due to increasing demand and active market processing, our sales area has expanded with the entire Benelux in recent years.

What we do: We mainly supply products to protect emergency and escape doors against abuse.
We are also importers of a series of elbow switches, cable transitions and protective caps.
You can also contact us with your questions in the field of RI & E, evacuation drills, emergency lighting, pictograms or maintenance and installations.

Why? Emergency exits are there for emergencies, however, the misuse of emergency and emergency doors increases hand by hand, both by own personnel and by visitors. It must be ensured in the management that this door is not used improperly by breakers, sneakers, smoking employees, or for cooling and ventilation. Building owners or managers often choose to block the emergency and escape doors without a responsible secure closure. This can lead to very dangerous situations, which is no exception and which will cause serious injuries in the event of a fire. Besides a proper closure a proper viabilty and usage of these doors is obligad.

Regulations: Everyone should have the opportunity to open an emergency exit easily and without any obstructions. Every moment people must be able to escape to the outside without hindrance in case of emergency. How do you get more safety and a meaningful protection of property without endangering lives? These problems are solved easily and responsibly with the GfS safety products. Without extra E-installation.