GfS SMARTTerminal PRAXIS, 24V, on-wall, RAL 6024

Brand:: GfS- Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik
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GfS SMARTTerminal PRAXIS, 24V, on-wall, RAL 6024

  • Simple, functional solution
  • 4.2-inch colour touch display
  • Graphical user menu
  • Various setting options
  • Door status display via 3D illuminated ring
  • 24 V/DC
  • 95 dB/1m. alarm
  • Input for fire alarm system 
  • Integrated tamper alarm
  • Signalling relay for alarm system

The SMARTTerminal is not only characterized by its impressive user-friendliness, but is also the first of its kind to allow operation via an integrated 4.2-inch color touch screen. This intelligent solution addresses the needs of both operators and users.

The use of symbols and text information on the touch display makes operating the GfS SMARTTerminal® easier than ever before. This means that your escape security system is not only effective, but also very user-friendly. Thanks to the clear menu structure on the display, operators can effortlessly set the desired parameters without having to use DIP switches or separate parameterization software.

Available in PUR, PRAXIS and PLUS versions, the GfS SMARTTerminal offers the flexibility for surface-mounted and flush-mounted installations. Thanks to the double housing design, installation and replacement of the cylinder is a simple process. Its attractive appearance and advanced technology make the GfS SMARTTerminal® a pioneering solution that meets the highest demands.

The GfS SMARTTerminal® has been tested according to the requirements of EltVTR and EN 13637. This emphasises its reliability and conformity with the applicable regulations.
In short the GfS SMARTTerminal® again is an outstanding example of innovation, user-friendliness and efficiency in escape route security, the signature of GfS Security Products.

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